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Lyrics by: Joe Rainey
# Debut Chart
10 Jul '83 Country


I've been a fool, fool, such a fool I've been a fool, fool, such a fool Thinking you'll return my love to me Thinking life would be what I want it to be I lay awake at night and I roam around I've been a fool I'm breakin' down I've been lost, baby so lost I've been down, baby so low

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Being so lonely so hard on a man Baby, I know you just must understand I've been trying hard as any man can To be your man I'm breakin' down I love you, baby I do Take my heart and my soul, they all belong to you Stay with me, please baby please My hearts in your hands and my minds between your knees You know what to do, that could put it all at ease Just look at me, I'm breakin' down


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