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by Atlanta
# Debut Chart
9 May '83 Country


[CHORUS] Atlanta burned again last night And all the water in the ocean Couldn't put out the fire this time They gave into sin again But, Lord, it felt so right When Atlanta burned again last night

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She was over thirty He was barely seventeen She was in her second marriage He dated a high school queen Somehow they came together In the heat of a Georgia night Told her that he loved her As she turned out the light [repeat CHORUS] Her son was almost his age Didn't seem to care The only thing that mattered was The fever they would share As she pulled him closer And the moment felt so right Two strangers turned to lovers On a red hot Georgia night [repeat CHORUS] She left in the morning No tears in her eyes What they shared that lonely night Memory won't let die Never stopped to wonder They seemed to understand It made her feel needed She made him a man [repeat CHORUS]


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