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by Triumph
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# Debut Chart
2 Jul '83 Mainstream Rock


Where there`s a will, there`s a way Every dog will have his day Those who wait are only wastin` time Pray for wisdom - dig for gold Can`t buy freedom by selling your soul You gotta be willin` to give them a piece of your mind

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Let a clearer conscience lead you Don`t let anyone deceive you When your heart cries out you must obey CHORUS: Take it all the way, we can make it All the way, we can take it All the way, come tomorrow, come what may Right or wrong? You can`t decide But the loser pays and the strong survive So take your shot, give it all you can You better watch out, you better look around `cause what goes up is gonna come down Everybody lives by the law of supply and demand Once you`ve set a course don`t change it Luck will come to those who chase it Don`t let anything get in your way CHORUS Power and glory and fortune and fame There must be a price you must pay Where do you go when you know that you`ve gone all the way All the way


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