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# Debut Chart
77 Dec '83 Hot 100


Cominí back on Cominí back strong Turniní back on Takiní the heat out in the street Baby too long Can you tell me how much fire Will it take to get us higher Heariní the news, singiní the blues You gotta choose Stand up and fight, do it tonight What can you lose In a world of fading treasure Love is the greatest pleasure So letís go up, forget about down ícause in this town, itís gonna get rough And what goes down, is up to us So letís go up, baby letís go up

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When it gets hot, like it or not You want to run Though itís so warm here in my arms You wonít get burned In a world of fading treasures The pleasure of your treasures Can not be measured up Ooh, I canít free a person from their charms But Iíll tell you this for sure If nothing is ventured Then nothing is gained, letís go


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