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1983 - R&B
# Debut Chart
49 Oct '83 Hot 100


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if i talk too much you see i`m trying desperately to be understood if i see a little shy it`s for all the time that i hid my heart in the dark like in all the storybooks the white knight came and took the little girl alone in the world you dont try to overwhelm when i sometimes under sell the way a feel now i beliave i am love love always here to give you what you need like you do for me i am love love for the first time i know that is real oh you make me feel iam love you mend the ragged edge of a heart that`s always fled the merry-go-round when i tell my little jokes yours eyesshines as i float in the clouds i`m not coming down and you always build me up and you are not afread to touch what`s on my mind you`ll always find iam love love wating here to give you what you need like you do for me you walk inside the wind pushing me to bend teaching me to live today all my dreams have just come true say that you are here to stay


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