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Lyrics by: Lee Greenwood
# Debut Chart
1 Aug '83 Country
96 Oct '83 Hot 100


Lonely lady living down the hall Don`t you have any friends at all I never hear a knocking at your door Could it be you just don`t try anymore? You`ve been hurt so seriously You act so cold but it`s so easy to see You`re a waste of real good love But you can`t hide or run fast enough Chorus: Somebody`s gonna love you, no matter what you do Somebody`s gonna find all the pieces of a broken heart Hidden inside of you Somebody`s gonna touch you, it`s just a matter of time And if you`re ever gonna try love again, it might as well be mine

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I know exactly how a heartache feels It`s gonna take a little time to heal Why must you hide away inside yourself You could mean so much to someone else Every night while you`re sittin` at home You may be lonely but you`re not alone There`s a whole world full of people out there Waiting on someone like you to care Chorus Chorus (fade)


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