Music Service


by Styx
Lyrics by: Dennis DeYoung
# Debut Chart
48 Aug '83 Hot 100


I flip the switch on my laser video And there`s the man staring back at me He starts to speak in a voice so righteous About the sins of society He`s got answers to all my problems Says he`ll decide what I should hear and see I try to change to another station But all I get is more of his morality Morality

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But I see the kids of a new generation And they won`t stand for this mind control They`re gonna change this world we live in They`re gonna bring back the rock and roll So if I can, I`m gonna break from this prison Gonna get out and join in the fight Take a chance on what I believe in Win or lose, I know it`s right `Cause it`s high time For us to start a revolution JUst like A-bomb explosion It ain`t the music that`s in question It`s more the freedom of expression Change is comin` Mind Police are comin` We`re on the move The Old World is crumblin` A new day`s comin` Tell your friends and relations We`re on the move We`re gonna start a rockin` nation High time yeah yeah (Repeat last two verses)


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