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# Debut Chart
39 May '83 Country
17 May '83 Adult Contemp
77 Jul '83 Hot 100


I see your hand with no wedding band But I can still see where it's been I see your heart all broken apart Wonderin' if he'll ever love you again

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Well, I'm just like you, not much I can do But listen to you while you're here I'm almost afraid of talkin' this way But tonight you need someone who cares [Chorus] 'Til you and your lover are lovers again All that you really need is a friend Who's lonely like you, someone to fill in 'Til you and your lover are lovers again So go on and cry, you're gonna get by I've already been where you are You don't have to leave, I know what you need if you let me take you that far [CHORUS] If you should ever go back to his arms I hope that he keeps your heart safe and warm You know where I'll be if you ever need A shoulder to lie on again [CHORUS] [CHORUS]


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