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# Debut Chart
21 Aug '83 Mainstream Rock
24 Sep '83 Hot 100


I think about her all the time She's my fantasy An image burning in my mind Calling out to me

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While my imagination's running wild Yeah, things are getting clearer Oh, whoa [CHORUS] This time, everything is alright No way she's gonna get away This time, everything is easy Any day, I'm gonna make her mine I've thought of every word I'd say Give or take a few But she turns and slowly walks away What do I have to do Hey, turn up your radio Ohh, there's something I want you to know, yeah [repeat CHORUS] Yeah, I'm gonna make her mine This time It's hard to take Cause she's miles away And I've waited a long time But the feeling's right Darling, one of these nights Yeah, I'm gonna let you know Oh, whoa [repeat CHORUS 2x] Yeah, I'm gonna make her mine Oh, yeah, this time


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