Music Service


by Robert Ellis Orrall & Carlene Carter
Lyrics by: Robert Ellis Orrall
# Debut Chart
32 Mar '83 Hot 100


You can get lucky baby you can get high. Sometimes it's better just to try and get by. You understand the way I'm feeling inside. You can't always fight it.

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You're the main attraction but your heads in a swirl. You look for action in your everyday world. Some satisfaction; you're not just another girl. You can't always find it. [BRIDGE] You know where I'm goin' tonight. You can find me where it feels alright. I'm not about to watch you walk away. I thought I'd walk away from you someday. [CHORUS] Baby, please let go. You make it harder this way. I didn't want to do it but I couldn't say no. Oh Baby, please don't go. Unless you mean it this time. I'd really wanna stop you but I couldn't say no. I couldn't say no... I get the feeling you're not willing to try. It's so revealing in the way you satisfy. And now I'm kneeling here and asking you why You're making me fight it. There's another question you've forgotten to ask. You talk so tender then you run out of gas. I'm always looking for the man behind the mask. You won't let me find it. [BRIDGE] [repeat CHORUS]


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