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Lyrics by: Tom Petty
# Debut Chart
10 Nov '82 Mainstream Rock
21 Feb '83 Hot 100


Well, I fought for you I fought too hard To do it all again, babe It`s gone too far You never needed me You only wanted me around It gets me down (CHORUS) There`s been a change Yeah, there`s been a change of heart I said, there`s been a change You pushed just a little too far Made it just a little too hard There`s been a change of heart

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I`ll get over you It won`t take long I`ve stood in your gallery I`ve seen what`s Hanging from the walls You were the moon and sun You`re just a loaded gun now It gets me down (CHORUS) Oh, yeah, oh, boy, looks like We finally reached the turning point Oh, me, oh, my, looks like It`s time for me to kiss it goodbye Yeah, kiss it goodbye (CHORUS)


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