Music Service


by Nelly
Lyrics by: Nelly, Ron Feemster
# Debut Chart
96 Aug '08 Hot 100


You're a warrior fighting for your soul Taken from the world above and brought down the world below You're the son of his majesty Remember how it used to be In the light of day it's easy to see Now it's nighttime You had to leave Separated from the king Now the water's rushing and you keep trying to swim against the stream And it seems, like your not moving the many water's gushing you gasp for air Almost drowning ears ringing, once upon a time we were singing One day the trees will stand and clap hands Stream of thought getting caught in the klipa, this place is just a shell, external Egos swell, that one'll burn ya, we fell a long way down, that eternal frown'll get you You look vexed it's the dregs, the yetzer hara's lurking Trying to make you forget we got a job to do You're a priest and a prince and you can't be moved [Chorus:] You're a warrior, Fighting for your soul Taken from a world above, and brought down to a world below Re-united, re-united return the princess to the king, Re-united, re-united, she's been taken for so long Re-united, re-united and then she'll be filled with joy Re-united, re-united like the days of her youth Descended to the pit What's this feeling can't get rid of it Soul sick Can't seem to shake it When one retires at night weeping, joy will come in the morning You made my mountain stand strong [Chorus] Like and ancient memory Remember how it used to be Close your eyes and breath in That's the scent of freedom Ringing across the sea Land of milk and honey One day will wake up from this dream and we'll stop sleeping, Oh, yo, then we'll see clearly

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