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Lyrics by: Hank Williams, Jr.
# Debut Chart
4 Jan '83 Country


I'm gonna shine up my boots, pick up my best hat Goin' to a place called the "old briar patch" Gonna get loose, and I'm gonna have fun Gonna go huntin' but I won't need a gun, now

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Well, the season's always open and there ain't no limit you see And they can be more challenging than a rock mountain sheep I have hunted them four legged deer But the two legged are a lot more fun CHORUS I'm gonna go huntin' tonight, Lord, but I ain't takin' no gun Hey, the kind of game I'm looking for is not that hard to snare But they can be more dangerous tthan a big old grizzly bear They got long claws, long legs, and a skin already tanned in the sun I'm gonna go hunting tonight, Lord, and I ain't taking no gun Big old beautiful wildcat, they're the kind that are hard to track The joint is crawlin' with the other hunters, and the she-cats are doublin' in Now is the time for patience, Fon't fire on the first one Don't waste your powder on a little bitty baby, get a full grown Wo wo wo man (chorus)


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