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7 Jul '82 Country


I'll give you... Whatever bangs your shutter, Whatever melts your butter, Whatever pops your corn Or blows your horn. Whatever peels your banana, Whatever plays your piano, Whatever, whatever mows your lawn, Let's go on.

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Whatever it takes to make it better...for you Whatever it takes to make you happy, I'll do. Whatever lights your candle, Whatever turns your handle Whatever, whatever fries your chicken. Let's do a little pickin'... Interlude Whatever pops your pistol, Whatever toots your whistle, Whatever sails your boat Or gets your goat. Whatever plows your garden, Whatever begs your pardon, Whatever, whatever bakes your bread. Go ahead. Whatever you want you can always count on me. Whatever you're needin' oh I will always be. Whatever slays your dragon, Whatever paints your wagon, Whatever it takes to show your stuff, That's enough.


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