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9 Sep '82 Country


I woke up alone, the bed was so cold I learned a lot in just one night I don't like TV, I don't like to read And I don't like this single life And I don't even mind If he says, I told you so 'Cause I gave it one night That's long enough to know [CHORUS] Operator, long distance please Could you ring this number for me I been calling all afternoon There's something wrong I can't get through Operator, long distance please I can't wait for him to call me I only need a second or two That's all it takes to say I love you

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I called your locale, I had to ask Where they'd taken him last night Called the airlines, they checked his flight And he was on the 8:09 I called the hotel where he stays When he goes to L.A. They said he checked in late last night Room two forty-five [repeat CHORUS] I gotta keep dialing Trying, can't you see If I can just reach him He'll come back to me [repeat CHORUS]


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