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# Debut Chart
5 Mar '82 Country


She stood before God, her family & friends & vowed that she'd never love anyone else again, only me As pure as her gown of white, she stood by my side & promised that she'd love me till the day she died Lord, please forgive her, even though she lied 'Cause you're the only one who knows just how hard she tried

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CHORUS: She had a ring on her finger & time on her hands The woman in her needed the warmth of a man The gold turned cold in her wedding band It's just a ring on your finger when there's time on your hands When I add up all the countless nights she cried herself to sleep & all the broken promises I somehow failed to keep, I can't blame her I'm the one who left her too many times alone In a 3-bedroom prison, she tried to make a home Her love slowly died, but the fire inside still burned & the arms of a stranger was the only place left to turn (chorus x2)


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