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# Debut Chart
57 Oct '82 Hot 100
26 Nov '82 Mainstream Rock


Baby whatcha gonna do Go ahead and make your move First you say ya love me Say you`ll never leave me Now you say that we are through

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It`s a tough world Ain`t it a rough world Without love it`s true I don`t know what I would do So if you`re gonna leave me Go ahead and leave me Cause I`m gonna find somebody new CHORUS It`s a tough world Ain`t it a rough world It`s a tough world rough world stab it in the back world Tough world It`s a hard world cold world hit you where it hurts world Rough world... Tough world It`s a tough life rough life try to make a buck life Tough life Get a job hotshot make it to the top Rough life... tough life I`m gonna hold my chin up high I`m gonna walk right out the door And I`m gonna make it Yeah I`m gonna make it Cause I don`t need you anymore REPEAT CHORUS


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