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by Kansas
# Debut Chart
33 Jul '82 Mainstream Rock
73 Aug '82 Hot 100


[CHORUS] Right away, love me right away Won't you come on girl, there's no other way If I were you, I would see it through I'd be loving me, I'd know what to do right away

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How do you feel about me now The time has come, you must decide Where you will run, where you will hide How will I know if you're alright I can feel the warmth of you next to me Hearing your voice inside my head Don't ever leave me, tell me you'll stay Don't let me go on living this way [repeat CHORUS] All of this days and nights we shared Remember the good, forget the bad All of the things that we've been through Don't they mean anything to you Oh, when the night comes I feel all alone Knowing that you won't be there It was a good thing, what we once had Can't live without it, I've gotta get it back [repeat CHORUS] Why don't you stop and think what you're doing to me


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