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Lyrics by: Gordon Lightfoot
# Debut Chart
17 Mar '82 Adult Contemp
50 Apr '82 Hot 100


Now it looks to me Like the same old place In the sky it looks like rain The same old town With the same old streets My address has not changed You can find me there With the door shut tight And the one wish that remains (CHORUS) Baby, step back Baby, step back Either step up Or step back No, you know I don`t Write no bad checks I have no wish to repent I`ve seen a few But whatever I do I don`t cause no accidents Whiskey and wine Help me pass the time I don`t leave no evidence (CHORUS) 2X Still, I don`t kneel down I was born to fight So you`d best leave me alone Maybe I`ll get much More than I need Or much less than I should own Last of all Let me say it again Either step up or step on

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(CHORUS) 3X Baby, walk back Baby, walk back Either walk on Or walk back (CHORUS) 2X


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