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1982 - Pop
# Debut Chart
45 Mar '82 Hot 100
20 Apr '82 Adult Contemp


If I am the question You are the answer If you are the music I am the dancer Through all of the madness And all of the sadness Of day to day living We gotta keep giving [CHORUS] One to one, me to you Pure and simple, sweet and true One to one, you to me Sending the love so it's Spreading out endlessly Now there are those moments When life loses meaning And we lose our faith In the dreams we've been dreaming When people seem mindless And plain human kindness Appears to be dying We gotta keep trying

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[repeat CHORUS] I know this world needs changing I know the shape we're in But with all the confusion I've reached the conclusion There's only one place to begin And that's [repeat CHORUS] Oh, oh, one to one, yeah I'm talking 'bout a one to one Ooh, ooh, ooh It's got to be me to you And you to me I know, I know, I know That's how it's got to be One to one, yeah


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