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Lyrics by: D. L. Byron
# Debut Chart
13 Oct '82 Hot 100
3 Oct '82 Mainstream Rock


(CHORUS) We're running with the shadows of the night So baby, take my hand, it'll be all right Surrender all your dreams to me tonight They'll come true in the end You said, oh girl, it's a cold world When you keep it all to yourself I said you can't hide on the inside All the pain you've ever felt

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Ransom my heart But, baby, don't look back Cause we got nobody else (CHORUS) You know sometimes, it feels like It's all moving way too fast Use every alibi and words you deny That love ain't meant to last You can cry tough baby, it's all right You can let me down easy But not tonight (CHORUS) 2X And now the hands of time Are standing still Midnight angel Won't you say you will (CHORUS) 3X


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