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Lyrics by: Graham Goble
# Debut Chart
11 Nov '82 Hot 100


I found out that you Care for another guy I found out that you Want for another smile We are alone as two Different people can be And it`s hurting me so Just to know that You don`t care for me (CHORUS) The other guy won`t be Around to talk to our kids He won`t understand when You`re down the way that I did We had it all, you and I We just need to try again

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I found out that your Heart`s in another guy You found out that You`re telling another lie We`ve gone apart and going Our own separate ways And you don`t understand Why I love you and Want you to stay (CHORUS) You don`t know It`s me that you need You`re thinking of him And I can`t compete Well, I`m here to say I still want you back again (CHORUS) 3X


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