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# Debut Chart
31 Jun '82 Hot 100
57 Jul '82 Mainstream Rock


I never thought it could happen It was the furthest thing from my mind I just turned my back on a sad love affair Was trying to leave it all behind That`s when I met you I just couldn`t say no One look in your eyes And I said, here I go (CHORUS) I found somebody I found somebody to love I found somebody I found somebody to love I`d seen so much deceiving Almost stopped believing I`d ever fall in love again I was running around Hiding my heart Faking it with all of my friends I was down on my luck That`s when you came along You put me back on my feet You got me singing this song

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(CHORUS) And she loves me In the midnight hour You know ever since I found you And put my arms around you I don`t need a doggone thing You know that every day Is such a beautiful day I want the whole world To dance and sing So don`t you dare Hang your head Don`t you dare be blue If it can happen to me It can happen to you And you`ll be singing this song (CHORUS) 2X


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