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# Debut Chart
38 Apr '82 Hot 100
22 Apr '82 R&B
5 Apr '82 Adult Contemp


Sometimes lonely nights turn into sunny days I never thought I'd feel this way I never knew that you and I Were meant to be in love Oh, darling, you've always been around To see me through How was I to know You'd make my dreams come true? Time and time again we fall Always on our own but now Chorus: We're friends in love Hoping that we'll always still be friends in love Strong when we're together Darling, now we got forever and day Don't you go away

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Remember every time you cried, You came to me Oh, much to my surprise, I found someone who could See through the night of loneliness You were always there for me Chorus You turn around, looked my way I can't say that it hasn't crossed my mind I've loved you all along Ah now we're leavin' yesterday behind We'll never be alone Chorus


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