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# Debut Chart
12 Jan '82 Hot 100
1 Jan '82 Country
19 Jan '82 Adult Contemp


I heard about her from a friend of mine, He said she lived across the county line. The sweetest grape that ever grew on the vine, And now that's where I'm spending all my time. Her Daddy, Robert, and her Mama, Ruth, They had a daughter they named Bobbie Sue. And now she's eighteen and she knows the truth, Nobody's gonna tell her what to do.

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[CHORUS] Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob-Bobbie Sue, Can't, can't you see my love is true. I want to ma-ma-ma-marry you, Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob-Bob-Bobbie Sue. I'll take her riding on a Friday night, Straight down the highway in the clear moonlight. My Chevy's humming as she holds me tight, Well find a preacher and well do it right. Her Daddy told her that she'd have to wait, Her Mama said don't make a big mistake, But well keep driving till were out of state, And when they find us it'll be too late. [repeat CHORUS]


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