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Lyrics by: Dan Mitchell
# Debut Chart
10 Oct '81 Country


He'll dust off his hat clean out his ole pickup truck He's going playin' when he should be prayin' for luck Cause tomorrow he's ridin' the meanest bull he'll ever see But tonight he'll forget all about it he's headin' for some cowgirl's dreams He's a rodeo romeo cowgirls and bulls are his life He loves what he does and he does what he loves ev'ry night He'll hit the dance halls flashin' the girls his best smile He's burnin' both ends of the candle rodeo romeo style

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[ guitar ] He don't even care that while he's out lovin' all night The bulls will be savin' their strength for that eight second ride The white lace and whiskey they'll have him feelin' half dead And even though odds are against him he'll come out a winner instead He's a rodeo romeo cowgirls and bulls are his life...


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