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# Debut Chart
3 Oct '81 Country
17 Oct '81 Adult Contemp
76 Dec '81 Hot 100


Seems to me, no matter what I do I picked the wrong time to do it In a minute, I will be all right If you will let think it through I could comb my hair and Walk right out of here so fast Let the silence tell you that I've grown up at last [CHORUS] You'll never break in woman in me Though you might break the smile You'll never hurt the woman in me But you might hurt the child

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Can I help it if it feels good To have your arms wrapped around me When you touch me, I'm a little girl And there's so much that I still need Give me room to touch my own heart I'm not so weak I could fly away and leave you With a kiss on the cheek [repeat CHORUS 2x]


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