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Lyrics by: Jim McBride
# Debut Chart
1 Oct '81 Country
54 Oct '81 Hot 100


You took a chance on him, he broke your heart and left you crying. You lost your will to love again. Oh, you ain't even tryin

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All you need is someone, who will love you tender-ly. Well, here I am so take my hand, and bet your heart on me. CHORUS You can bet your heart on me. Honey, you can be a winner. Forget about the last time out, you were just a beginner. Well, don't be afraid cause you've got it made, If you just let it be. Lay your love down one more time and bet your heart on me. Love is more than just a game, that's why it hurts so much to lose it. I've got something for the pain, So why don't you use it. Lucky star's are shinning, shinning so you can believe. That my love is a sure thing girl So bet your heart on me. (chorus)


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