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Lyrics by: Tony Joe White
# Debut Chart
7 Sep '80 Country


You'll find him in a dance hall Saturday night Listening to the music and drinking beer He'll dance and hold the ladies tight And whisper pretty things in her ear They know he's easy come, That's the way a cowboy rocks and rolls

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Cowboy, ride on forever Look, there's good times waitin' on down the road Cowboy, ride on forever Life is just one big old rodeo He can hear a lonesome song, and start to cry Sometimes his heart is too big for his own good But it sure ain't hard to make him wanna fight, oh yeah And he won't stop until he's understood Driving pick-up trucks and skippin' stones That's the way a cowboy rocks and rolls Cowboy, ride on forever Don't you ever let them tie you down Cowboy, ride on forever There's horses in heaven for you, a pinto and palameno They're all waitin' for you to come around (Instrumental to fade)


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