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1 Jan '81 Country


I brush a tear from my eye as I glance towards the star spun sky. Is Heero up there somewhere? Is there any chance that he's thinking of me? A sigh slips out as my thoughts follow their inevitable course back to the man I love and the day that he decided that settling down just wasn't for him. (Since you left me I've been crying everyday) I've loved him for years. From the moment I laid eyes on him, washed up on an abandoned beach. Life in general -and the wars in particular- forced me to grow up, to adapt to a new way of thinking and a new life. One that didn't revolve completely around myself. At times I felt as if I'd given up every part of my own identity, but always, my love for him remained. It grew and matured along with me. He knows that. For years, he seemed to cherish that love and return it. That day, almost a month ago today, he swore that he did. It's just that my love wasn't enough to hold him here any longer.

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(You knew I loved you But you drifted anyway) Perhaps I'm naught but a fool, but I honestly thought he was happy. I certainly was. I suppose I should have realized that the life I've chosen to live wouldn't suit him for long. He's a private man, and a soldier at heart. There are few things less private than a politicians life. And I know there were many who held his past against him. Perhaps he can find contentment as a wanderer. (Drifter I thought my love Stopped all your restlessness But you proved again That no one ropes the wind) I pray that he finds happiness somewhere, even if it isn't here with me. As much as the idea hurts, I love him too much to wish misery upon him. And I pray that he will always remember me and the love I hold for him with fondness. (Drifter, Please remember No one loves you like I do) My thoughts wander through my memories of our time together, of shared laughter and tears. Of our time of peace. The wind blows through my hair and I tilt my head back, imagining that it's his caress. (Drifter I thought my love Stopped all your restlessness But you proved again That no one ropes the wind) I can't help the small, sad smile that escapes. No matter how sad I am now, I'm glad I had these last years with him. And he does love me; I hold that little piece of knowledge to my heart. Whoever said that it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all was right. But you know what's best of all? The promise that he'll be back someday. (Drifter, I'll be waiting Should you ever drift back in)


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