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# Debut Chart
5 Jul '80 Country


Spend the night in Charlotte's bed You might get caught in Charlotte's Web. A satin rose that's growing wild, Charlotte holds more secrets than the night. She spins and weaves her magic spell, Her body speaks what words can't tell. I'm a moth, she's a flame, In a town that's all too quick to smear her name.

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Chorus: Well I'll take the likes of Charlotte and her kind, Small-town talk don't matter now that Charlotte's mine. It may be true that other men have found her bed, But I'm the one who's caught in Charlotte's Web. Charlotte took me late one night, To a secret room by candlelight. She dealt the cards and read my hand, Said she hoped that I would understand. She turned two cards up face-to-face, She said two hearts have found their place. Now all the rest is history, The future's full of Charlotte loving me. Repeat Chorus


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