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# Debut Chart
6 Mar '80 Country


It's been a real long day, now here we are sippin' wine by candlelight Let's take a walk beneath the stars, there's a full moon out tonight We've been so busy babe, doin' things that two people have to do The night is young, and we're alone, let's spend it on me and you

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(Chorus) Let's get in on while the gettin's good Like we never thought we could Let's make this moment last forever Times like these are precious and few I want to spend them all with you, oh lady Let's get it while the gettin's good It amazes me, the way time flies, It seems we never have enough to spare We turn around, another year has gone by Think of all the good love that we shared Right now is all we may ever have Let's enjoy our love all the way Let's take tonight and make a memory To keep in our heart for always (Chorus) 3X


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