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Lyrics by: Rod Temperton
# Debut Chart
36 Aug '80 R&B
73 Aug '80 Hot 100


Moonlight won't ever be cold As long as I have you to hold And if I'm away from your side You know that I'll miss you From morning 'til night

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[CHORUS] Girl, I treasure each moment you're near Treasure that good thing we share Just one little smile is more than enough To give me the pleasure That comes with the treasure of love I don't own a house on the hill I ain't got a boat in the bay But I know with you in my arms I'm holding a diamond That shines every day [repeat CHORUS] And I'm not afraid to tell anyone That I need your magic To keep me love strong [repeat CHORUS] And I'll never need dreams in my life Cause you make them all come true And now life's a pleasure Cause I found a treasure in you


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