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# Debut Chart
68 Jun '80 Hot 100


Thirty two teeth in a jawbone Alabama`s trying for none Before I have to hit him I hope he`s got the sense to run

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The reason the poor girls love him Promise them everything Why they all believe him He wears a big diamond ring (CHORUS) Alabama getaway, getaway Alabama getaway, getaway Only way to please me Just turn around from me And walk away Majordomo Billy Bojangles Sat down and have a drink with me Said, what about Alabama It keeps coming back to me I heard your plea in the courthouse Witness box began to rock and rise Forty-nine sister states Had Alabama in their eyes (CHORUS) Major said why dont we give him Rope enough to hang himself No need to worry the jury They`ll probably take care of themselves Twenty-third Psalm, Majordomo Reserve me a table for three Down in the valley of the shadow Just you, Alabama and me (CHORUS) 4X


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