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Lyrics by: David Gates
# Debut Chart
46 Feb '80 Hot 100


Tell me where does the loviní go when itís gone away. Tell me when does the heartache end, or is it bound to stay. I always thought that we would last forever; a love that never ever would be ending. Now I see it isnít meant to be and Iíve got to stop pretending. Tell me where are all the things that we used to share. Are they lost to some other time? Will they still be there? I canít believe that my place could be taken, a heart so easy breakiní up inside. ĎCause after all this time Iíve thought of you as mine, and itís hard to let go, my heart says no.

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I never knew we were losing touch. I didnít think we could change so much. Donít take your leave of me just yet; smile for me once more, so I wonít forget. Tell me where is another chance like the one we knew? Tell me where can I find someone, someone just like you? Canít imagine what Iím gonna do, Ďcause Iíve lived my life for you and all weíve planned. And I donít think Iíll ever understand where does the loviní go


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