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# Debut Chart
36 Feb '80 Hot 100


There's a river in Evening ember glow And you're wishing you could see How far it flows Rolling on to an endless sea You'd be well on your way If you could only set sail But dreams can drift away And sails can fill with doubt Where's your vision If the embers flicker out? Don't let it slip from view

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The horizon's a-waiting Your river is fading [CHORUS] So keep the fire burning tonight See just what comes into sight Don't take forever Take it through the night And believe the sun Will rise with the dawn That's all you need to go on But for tonight Just keep the fire burning bright I will never need to ask What have I done? Comes a moment when it's clear There's only one Oh, whatever you need of me I've made up my mind I give you more than you've asked for And there are those who can foresee Where we will go All the future... I don't really want to know Only that you'll be here with me While the embers still glow We'll be safe till tomorrow [repeat CHORUS 2x] Keep the fire bright Who are you? Keep the fire bright Where are you? Keep the fire bright Oh it's so wonderful Keep the fire bright Keep the Fire burning (In sonovox) (Chorus 3x) Who are you? Where are you? You're not alone and it's so wonderful


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