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Lyrics by: Kent Robbins
# Debut Chart
1 Jul '79 Country


Every day I read ads in the paper Saying come to the islands (Come to the islands)

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Bikinied ladies Sweet rum drinks They'll keep you smiling (Down in the islands) But I've got calypso music On the record at home When it comes to The warmth and sunshine Well, I got my own [CHORUS] You're my Jamaica You're where I want to be You're my island when I'm Being tossed on a stormy sea My heavenly haven Where I could spend eternity You're my Jamaica You're paradise to me White sunny sands Palm trees and tans It's sounds so inviting (Sounds so inviting) Limbo dancing Star light romancing It's all so exciting (Come on down, come on down) But I got my flowery shirt And rum punch in my hand And my own exotic lover In my native land [repeat CHORUS 3x to fade]


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