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9 Sep '79 Country


It was a windy day down Malibu way The California sun was shining I was in no hurry sipping Bloody Mary's And I fell asleep by the ocean [Chorus] Then a lovely lady in a blue Mercedes Parked her car down by the sea She stepped into the sand and took me by the hand And we traveled away in my dreams And we drank Pina Coladas down in Puerto Rico We tangoed in Montego Bay We sipped Champaign in the summer rain On a warm Caribbean day

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I put a pretty flower in her long black hair Along the sands of Waikiki And I left my heart in San Francisco Where she first made love to me Then I awoke to the sound of the tide coming in And the sun was almost gone I didn't want to wake from my beautiful dream But I had to take it on home Then somewhere in the evening came a heavenly voice Saying thank you for a wonderful day Then the beautiful lady in the blue Mercedes Blew a kiss and drove away [CHORUS] We stuffed our pockets full of pretty shells While the trade winds blew all night We bought mangos and bananas in the market place And made love by the fire light [CHORUS]


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