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Lyrics by: John Schweers
# Debut Chart
1 Jan '79 Country


(Chorus) From a chevy to a Lincoln From paper shades to curtains from neon lights to chrystal chandaliers From cut glass to diamonds up that ladder she's climbing crying golden tears

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(Sugar) Well, I traded in my Levi's for high heels and flowing gowns (Dave) And the parties, And the swimming pools, and the scenic view of town. Now she once told me, she didn't need love and that money would see her through the years. (Sugar) Tha's the last time, that I saw him In my eyes full of golden tears. (return to chorus) (Dave) Well now her picture is in the papers at country clubs with lots and lots of good times. (Sugar) But my smile is artificial because the story is between the lines. (return to chorus)


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