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Lyrics by: Pat Bunch, Buck Moore
# Debut Chart
7 Nov '79 Country


(Chorus) You always leave me holding the bag Don't you know it's gettin' pretty heavy to drag You think it's funny but it ain't no gag How come you always leave me holding the bag Remember out in Austin that time that we got tight You told that ole boy that I wanted to fight Now Moe you know I really thought a that you could win And I didn't see no sense in me a steppin' in You almost got me killed when you started to brag And that's when you ran off and left me holding the bag

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Chorus Remember back in Nashville when we picked up them two That old ugly one for me and the pretty one for you Well Joe I bought the gas and it was my car And I got stuck for all the beer at the bar Yeah you were up front a playin' lover's tag While I was in the back seat just a holdin' the bag Chorus Remember when I needed your alibi My wife called you up and you didn't lie Now that's not as bad as when you had me to drive And I ended up with that DWI Now after all we've done it's a wonder we're friends But old Pal you know we'd do it again Chorus x2 to fade


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