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# Debut Chart
2 Jan '79 Country


BRIDGE: It's a cheat-ing, sit - u - a - tion A steal-ing, in-vi-ta-tion To take what's not real-ly ours To make it through the mid-night hours It's a cheat-ing, sit -u - a - tion Just a cheap im-i-ta-tion Do-ing what we have, to do When there's no love at home

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Verse 1: There's no use in pre-tend-ing There'll be a hap-py end-ing Where our love's con-cerned Sweet-heart, we both know We'll take love where we find it It's all we've got, for we know they're not, Gon-na let us go REPEAT BRIDGE TAG: It's a cheat-ing sit - u - a - tion When there's no love at home


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