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Lyrics by: Lou Gramm, Mick Jones
# Debut Chart
15 Dec '78 Hot 100


Out in the street, it`s six am Another sleepless night Three cups of coffee But I can`t clear my head From what went down last night Know we both have our own little ways But somehow we keep it together You hear me talk But you don`t hear what I say I guess it don`t even matter (CHORUS) Blue morning, blue day Won`t you see things my way Blue morning, can`t you see What your love has done to me I`ve always listened To your point of view My ways, I`ve tried to mend And I`ve always been a patient man But my patience has reached it`s end

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You tell me you`re leaving You tell me goodbye You say you might send a letter Well, honey, don`t telephone Cause I won`t be alone I need someone To make me feel better (CHORUS) 2X (Blue morning) blue morning (Blue morning) blue morning (Blue morning) blue morning Blue, blue, blue day, yeah


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