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# Debut Chart
62 Dec '78 Hot 100


Lover, say you're leavin' Gotta leave me behind Got your lovesakes packed in a suitcase Givin' me your sympathy smile

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Cause when I'm down on my good luck You're walking away [CHORUS] Every cloud has a silver lining It's the darkest before the dawn I was born to look upon the bright side Ever since the day I was born It's quietest before the storm Dreamer, you call me dreamers You're smiling ?????? to stay cool ??? Love hurts for the hunger To be kind, you got to be cruel Staring back at my good luck?????? You're walking away [repeat CHORUS] [BRIDGE] Fire, cause you're a denier You never really loved me at all But that's okay Because baby, one day Heh, angel change and I will be home??? Because I'll be riding my good luck??? I need something to say [repeat CHORUS]


Todd: Tough one - I missed a lot.  All marked with ?????


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