Music Service


by Starz
Lyrics by: Michael Lee Smith
# Debut Chart
81 Oct '78 Hot 100


How could you been so young, so bad? So young, so bad, so young, so good to me? Spent the mornin' in a school yard Spent the evening on the boulevard You're like a woman trapped in a cage It's so hard to act your age When you're... [CHORUS] So young, so bad So young, so bad (How could you been) So young and so good to me? The girls at school Won't even hold hands But you're goin' with a singer In a rock n' roll band

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You should be home doing your history But you're dancin' out And drinkin' with your fake ID And you're... [repeat CHORUS] Two more years and you'll be seventeen But you'll be burnt out and wasted From the things you've seen Or just be getting your second wind And starting everything all over again [BRIDGE] You should be home playing with your dolls Instead of here playing with my balls Your daddy's got detectives following your But they're getting such a kick Out of the things you do And you're... [repeat CHORUS] [VERSE] (How could you been) So young, so bad So young, so bad So young and so good to me? [repeat VERSE 2x]


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