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by Hot
# Debut Chart
71 Feb '78 Hot 100


You know you used to drive me crazy In the back of your Chevrolet And every Friday night if you were feelin' right You'd take a girl all the way

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You had a terrible reputation For wanting only ????? But through your high school You're breaking every rule The one good thing you did CHORUS You brought the woman out of me You taught me everything I'll ever need to know You left a mark upon my life And I can never pay it back for dead ??? You brought the woman out of me How you became an Ivy Leaguer Well something made a radical change But if your folks are rich and you got the itch There's nothing that they can't arrange You used to call me on occasional weekends To see if maybe I was hanging around You never treated me good, you took whatever you could But in the morning, baby, guess what I found (chorus) New you're a self made man around you You grew a beard and changed your name But when the lights go out, you're up and about Your mind still works the same (chorus x2)


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