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Lyrics by: Eric Carmen
# Debut Chart
7 Nov '77 Hot 100


I was a fool for your love From the moment I saw you Like a vision in the darkness of A thousand lost and lonely nights But my heart threw away the key I was blind as a man could be Oh, darling, can't you Help me see the light (CHORUS) Hey, Deanie Won't you come out tonight The stars are dancing Like diamonds in the moonlight We can never find a Better time to be in love Hey, Deanie Won't you come out tonight The summer's waiting The moon is shining so bright Hey, Deanie, you're the one I'm dreaming of I stand accused I'm in league with The forces of darkness An incurable believer In the magic of The midnight sky And the love that I found today Oh, I can't let it slip away Oh, darling, can't you read Between the lines, yeah

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(CHORUS) Deanie, love is all there is Don't wanna lose it I don't wanna Let the feeling end No, no, no, no, yeah, yeah (CHORUS) 2X


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