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Lyrics by: Bob Welch
# Debut Chart
14 Jan '78 Hot 100


Well, have you seen that girl in the corner I'd like to take her out of her chains 'Cause if I have my way with you, baby I would be changing your life today

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[CHORUS] Your eyes got me dreaming Your eyes got me blind Your eyes got me hoping That I'll be holding you close tonight [repeat CHORUS] She was the same as a hundred ladies But when my eyes looked at her, I learned That she was keeping a secret fire And if I got real close, I'd burn So it looked like I had to move slowly Like a cat at night in the trees 'Cause I was waiting for her to show me The way that she liked her love to feel [repeat CHORUS 2x] Ebony eyes, ebony eyes Ebony eyes, ebony eyes [repeat CHORUS 3x]


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