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8 Apr '77 Country


When she bought her furs heels I was there When she combed those last pigtails from her hair When she wore her sister's dress to the prom I must confess When the last dance was danced I was there When I first fell in love she was there I can still remember when and where But life gives and takes and we all have our breaks When she broke her first heart I was there

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When she walked down the aisle I was there When she took the vows to always love and care With dignity and grace I quietly took my place With the friends of the bride I was there When they had their first fight and she called in the night Though I knew it wasn't right I was there And when he left her again and she needed a friend Like a fool I've always been I was there The last time we met he was there and whatever he thinks I don't care I loved her first and he loved her worst I know she told me so when I was there I know she told me so when I was there


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