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Lyrics by: Stephen Stills
# Debut Chart
43 Oct '77 Hot 100
21 Oct '77 Adult Contemp


Take a look around you Tell me what you see A girl who thinks She's ordinary looking She has got the key If you can get close enough To look into her eyes There's something special right Between the bitterness she hides [CHORUS] And you're fair game You'll never know What she'll decide You're fair game Just relax, enjoy the ride

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Find a way to reach her Make yourself a fool, But do it with a little class Disregard the rules Cause this one knows the bottom line Couldn't get a date The ugly duckling striking back And she'll decide her fate [repeat CHORUS] The ones you never notice Are the ones you have to watch She's pleasant and she's friendly While she's looking at your crotch Try your hand at conversation Gossip is a lie Sure enough, she'll take you home And make you wanna die [repeat CHORUS]


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