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Lyrics by: Paul Rodgers
# Debut Chart
78 May '77 Hot 100


[CHORUS] The sky is burning I believe my soul's on fire You are, I'm learning The key to my desire

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Waiting for the van to arrive The prisoners were lined up outside Jumped a wall, hitched a ride And now I'm here to say Love you, baby, anyway, oh, yeah [repeat CHORUS] Ran across the country fields In all terrain, they had guns And dogs and everything Swam a river trying to lose my trail But they caught me under the bridge Oh, yeah [repeat CHORUS] Oh, yeah [repeat CHORUS] The judge said, this man's A danger to humanity We're gonna lock him up And throw away the key Now, baby, your love Has sent me to jail But I'd rather die than See you with another man It's burning, baby, mmm hmm I believe my soul's on fire I believe my soul's on fire Working on the railroad, every day But they can't keep me here And I'm not gonna stay I got to get outta this place I'll see you, baby It's burning, yeah, it's burning I believe my soul's on fire Keep on burning Ah, yeah, yeah, ah, ohh Keep on burning


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